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The bubbles that will do you a world of good !

The spa or hot tubs are tubs of different sizes that are equipped with nozzles propelling a mixture of air and hot water. Immersion in this warm bubble water provides an immediate sensation of relaxation. If you needed to relax at any price, you can privatize a spa room and spend pleasant moments. If you had the means, you could even buy a jacuzzi and have one installed.

Relaxation, massage and other benefits

Please note that the temperature of a hot bath or jacuzzi for sale is between 33 and 40 ° C. You do not have to make any extra gestures or physical effort when you enter. You will not need another person either. The air bubbles mixed with hot water will do the massage automatically for you. They will help you relax and fight stress, anxiety and so on. In short, they will appease you. Jets of water and bubbles have indeed, various virtues for the improvement of health. Through massage, they improve your blood circulation, relax your muscles and nerves and reduce your various pain and pain such as osteoarthritis, arthritis, muscle tension, lower back pain, back pain and so on. In addition, they rid your body of toxins and purify your skin.

Precautions and contraindications of the jacuzzi?

Although you can enjoy long moments of relaxation in a jacuzzi for sale, you should not exceed 60 minutes per session. If you go beyond these times, you can cause drowsiness or even hyperthermia. As already said also the temperature should not go beyond the 40 ° C for the same logic and to avoid any risk of burning. Also note that jets that are too violent can cause tissue trauma for people with little muscle. If you vary the temperatures and there are too abrupt differences, you could cause trauma to your body and your organs including your heart. Also note that in the absence of good hygiene, bacteria can develop in the spa and cause infections.

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