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How and where can I find tubs for sale online ?

The online hypermarket is a large store of sanitary equipment, furniture and bathroom accessories. Thanks to a wide choice of products, each buyer will find a product that meets his or her wishes and is adapted to the price.

Making your bathroom comfortable

The sale of products with the best manufacturers in all countries and presents us with official websites of many brands, we work directly with importers and manufacturers. All this allows you to buy quality products at an affordable price, tested, with all the necessary certificates. The online store presents products in different price categories, from savings to bonuses. Thanks to modern and constantly improving production technologies and respect for technological processes, we are able to maintain the highest quality of our products at every stage of the company's development.

Online products

Today, in addition to these products, our tubs for sale include hydromassage baths, shower cubicles, and even mini pools (SPA). A variety of sizes, shapes and product configurations can satisfy each of our customers. In addition, you can find special baths (such as the medical or Charlie domestic bathtub), accessories and related products, as well as bathroom furniture. A wide selection of products and an individual approach allow customers to buy sanitary products and interior items from us to create the bathroom of their dreams.

Other details at stake

We only offer our customers tried and tested models of sanitary equipment that meet modern requirements and certificates of conformity. You can buy showers and boxes of different sizes, shapes, configurations, functionalities, glass colors, which will help you to design the interior of the bathroom correctly. Many models offer useful and requested options such as hydromassage, air massage, ozonation, radio equipment, telephone, etc.

In addition to shower cubicles, you can buy quality trays made of acrylic, ABS plastic, molded marble and other materials here. An impressive assortment of baths in different shapes and elegant mixers.

Bubble spa

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