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Home spa tub sessions for your health benefits

The spa is when you want, even unexpectedly! You can also invite your family or friends to enjoy it while at home.

A higher life ranges

What to discover the practice of the spa in all serenity: Simplified installation because it has a simple handling, connection to a simple socket and other options more sophisticated and fun. A spa that evolves in record time, it is now present in every home and you just have to enjoy it.

Its strengths are based on its features

The spa tub features a water heating system to reduce muscle tension. Its hydromassage nozzles and ergonomic seats for a gentle relaxation. This is the way to swim for those who are also looking for physical activity. Placed halfway between the pool and the spa is a Hybrid concept that will satisfy both adults and children.

Health in any practice

The spa practice offers a good therapeutic plan for everyone. Regularly repeat sessions to aid digestion, tone the skin and help eliminate symptoms of stress. Sleep will also be facilitated by stimulating the production of an endorphin, the natural analgesic secreted by the body.

Heat: Hot water dilates the blood vessels, which increases blood circulation, soothes painful or damaged tissue, and improves mobility as valuable benefits for the treatment. arthritis and back pain. Hot water raises the temperature of your body and dilates the vessels by improving blood circulation. The brain is better drained, and the nasal passages are released. Most cold and flu viruses stop growing in an environment of more than 38°C. In addition, if baths can be used daily, sessions exceeding a duration of about 30 minutes and a water temperature above 40°C may cause a risk of drowsiness.

The spa is used to dissolve and eliminate toxic substances stored in the body, evacuate dead skin and strengthen the body.

Bubble spa

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