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Aromatherapy, chromotherapy and music therapy

The spa bath uses the benefits of balneotherapy which consists of treating the body by massages in a whirlpool bath, also called whirlpool baths. But in a way, the goal of balneotherapy is also to heal the mind. The use of essential oils strongly contributes to this: cypress oil (vitality), eucalyptus (stimulation of the nervous system), lavandin (joie de vivre), rosemary (purification of body and mind), coriander (dissipation of headaches)… Be careful, however, to use only essential oils specially developed for use in a spa bath!

Water heated to around 34 ° C causes the pores of the skin to dilate. The passage through the body of certain elements is therefore facilitated. Adding essential oils enhances the beneficial effects of the bath. Thus the aromatic essences enter the body by osmosis. They therefore act by inhalation and skin exchange.
Essential oils added to the heat of the water release their scent and penetrate the skin. They thus enter the body and act on tissues, organs and consequently on the whole body. These oils regenerate and rebalance the person physically and mentally.


Color plays a very important role in our everyday life. It influences our mood and behavior. Thus the use of chromotherapy turns out to be a plus in balneotherapy treatments. They create a very pleasant and above all very intimate atmosphere.

The spa bath therefore uses chromotherapy to increase energy, regenerate and restore body balance. Each color has its specificities. Yellow, red and orange (warm colors) stimulate. Green, blue, indigo and purple (cool colors) calm and relax.

Underwater LED spots are installed on the walls of the bathtub. They diffuse the chosen light. A control button allows you to start or stop, scroll through the colors or stop on a specific color. In this way, everyone can prioritize the colors they like.

Music therapy

The therapeutic effects of music have long been known. The music plunges us into an atmosphere conducive to emotions and sensations of different kinds. Also, music therapy, by combining with balneotherapy reinforces the benefits of the latter.

Music influences the nervous system and helps reduce stress and allows you to relax. It also helps to calm the mind, to dream or to stimulate the imagination ... It is a source of pleasure that is added to the pleasure of water. A spa bath allows you to benefit at will from the contributions of music therapy. As we have just shown, the balneotherapy bathtub offers a multitude of possibilities, to the delight of users.

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